Bamboo Basic Duvet is a lightweight and breathable product thanks to natural bamboo.?It does not cause sweat and gives a feeling of coolness in hot weather and seasonal transitions.?It balances the moisture in the body with its natural bamboo outer surface.?The duvet with a soft bamboo outer surface offers you the sleeping comfort you need throughout the sleeping period.?Duvets with natural surfaces are the most basic need for a peaceful sleep.?The special filling inside creates a perfect integrity with its soft bamboo surface during sleep.?This duvet, which is compatible with all styles of duvet cover, will provide a comfortable sleeping experience when you choose the appropriate size for your duvet cover.?This quilt, which you can choose with its perfect filling and healthy bamboo outer surface, will significantly affect your sleep quality.?Thanks to its long-lasting inner filling, it will bring the sleeping comfort you need as a soft duvet to your bedroom.?Being a washable quilt will provide additional comfort in terms of hygiene…


Package Content

  • QUILT:195X215 (1) PILLOW:50X70 (2)


  • Wash gently at 30 degrees, lay out to dry.


  • Cannot be hand washed
  • Not Machine Washable
Colour White
Dimensions 195×215 cm
Collection / Theme Timeless
Product Composition 20% bamboo 80% silicone fiber
Product Description Double
Production place TR
Product Quality Bamboo
Product code 10025437002
Product Barcode 8680886880037
Material Bamboo