Elephant Women’s Bathrobe Dark Salmon


  • Machine Wash, Normal
  • Bleach Cannot Be Used
  • Tumble Dryer, Normal, Low Temperature
  • Low Temperature Ironing
  • Dry Cleaning Not Available
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A magical experience awaits you with the soft touch of bamboo in products. Its cool and soft touch on your skin is a unique feature of bamboo.

towels, bathrobes, duvet cover sets and home wear products will fascinate you at the first touch with their silky and shiny textures and will give you an even more enjoyable experience as you use them.


Usage and care recommendations

• Always wash your towels and bathrobes before use. It takes a few washes for them to reach their full absorbency, softness and fluffiness capacity.
• Wash in the washing machine at maximum 40C.
• To preserve the colors of your colored towels and bathrobes, use a laundry detergent specific to colored items and protect them from face creams containing benzoyl peroxide. Store away from direct sunlight.
• To keep your white towels and bathrobes white, wash them only on a white wash setting and use a laundry detergent specifically for whites that contains brightening agents.
• Avoid using fabric softener. If you do, use a very small amount and do not use it with every wash as it will coat the loops of the product. Because this reduces the water absorption power of the towel.
• Gentle drying with specially made drying balls in the dryer. Thus, your towels gain extra softness and fluffiness. If you do not have a dryer, hang it to dry.
• Every towel may seem soft and fluffy when you first buy it. However, for this to be permanent, the quality and length of bamboo and cotton fibers are important. This feature determines how the towel will look and feel after washing.

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