Fayence Single Wool Quilt


  • Pattern: Aquatic Texture
  • Product Composition: 54.7% Polyester – 20.7% Cotton – 12.2% Lyocell – 11.2% Viscose – 1.2% Acrylic
  • Material: Cotton Viscose Polyester


Fayence Single Wool Duvet – Beige?Wool quilts, which provide a suitable environment for uninterrupted sleep comfort, are natural and healthy with their cotton outer fabric.?Air Permeability – Thermal Regulatory – 100% Natural?Naturally breathable wool duvets have thermoregulating properties.?Wool duvets, which balance the bed climate with their structure that distributes heat evenly, warm you when you are cold and cool you when you sweat, so they are suitable for use in all 4 seasons.?Wool, which has moisture-absorbing properties, absorbs and evaporates excess moisture in the environment, providing you with a comfortable sleeping environment.?Wool has the ability to absorb moisture at a rate of 33% of its dry weight without feeling wet.?Wool, which has high elasticity, regains its original shape after stretching.?The total weight of the double wool quilt is 1200 grams.?It should be washed at 30 degrees wool program.

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