Product Description:
Martha Face Towel (TENCEL™) – Powder
Martha Face Towel will change the atmosphere of your bathroom with its colors and elegant appearance. Cotton Madame Coco Face Towels are friendly to your skin with their soft texture and high water absorbency.

Technical Specifications:
Product Type: 70% Cotton, 30% Tencel
Colour: Powder
Size: 50×80 cm
Weight: 550 gr/m²
Product Barcode: 8682116895989
Production Location: Turkey
Note: Tencel cellulosic fibers produced from renewable wood raw material bring the gentle spirit of nature into your home. creates a haven of long-lasting comfort.
Features; dry feeling, botanical origin, gentle touch on the skin. Bad odor formation due to bacteria and mite formation is minimized. Water absorbency is both faster and higher.
Washing Instructions:
*Wash at 30 degrees.
*Iron at medium temperature.
*Do not use bleach.
*Machine dry on low heat.

Package Content: